Corfu Batik Print Scarf

Corfu Batik Print Scarf

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Kinross Cashmere Style #LSAS2-201

A beautiful neutral scarf with almond, grey and white combination that lends nicely back to white or any neutral. 

Product Details:

50% Silk / 50% Cashmere

76″x 26″ – Woven


Sharon and the ladies of the Apple Tree assist the guests with dazzling combinations to dress you for day or evening, causal or dressy or to make a big splash at the holidays or special events. These ladies have a passion for making women look beautiful and feel confident and empowered. If you haven’t stopped by the Apple Tree yet you’re missing out on the best shopping experience for Any event!!! 


The Apple Tree is the only boutiqe to find wonderful, quality and the latest classic clothing. I feel very cared for when shopping there and receive honest helpful advice. Going to the “Tree” is like visiting great friends!! 


comfortable, chic, easy

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